Friday, 22 March 2013

H&M New Off Duty Model Collection!

Omg before I start this post Im sick about talking about H&M this is like my third H&M post of the week, first there was the new formal wear collection then there was Beyonce and now there this new collection Like H&M just shut up! But as much as Im hating on H&M at the moment Im kinda of loving this casual off duty model collection which is totes Isabel Marant meets Givenchy meets a cool off duty model and Im loving!!! You now that cool off duty model look thats now infamous and is a look a lot of young girls want. The collection is inspired by four of the fashion worlds leading models Joan Smalls,Daphne Groneveld,Lindsey Wixson and Liu Wen! But really the collection seems to be inspired by recent Isabel Marant collections but Isabel is the choice of the off duty model! 

Here are some of the items from the collection; 

Best Dressed - Alexa Chung

Best dressed today is my fav british babe the gorgeous it girl Alexa Chung! She's kind of going for the look she always goes for and always rocks its kind of preppy school girl but less prep think Carey Mulligan in An Education but 2013 and a british It Girl! She's wearing a I don't know what color that is its like a faded old gold or a shiny beige its slightly hideous but what can I saw it works or maybe it just works because of Alexa's hair which is gorge bangs with messy curls so british,so Alexa, so fab! Alexa is such a babe she looks fab I love love love her hair and omg those legs skinner than french fries but her face looks really different here??? Is it the make up? has she had work done? has she gained weight in the face? is it the lighting? I don't now it just looks different usually when people look like this there pregnant for example two weeks before Lara Stone announced she was pregnant I guessed she was pregnant because her face looked weird at an event she was at! But then I thought Lana Del Rey was pregnant but it turns out she just got really fat! Oh wait I just got a closer look at her face its the same and its so skinny I think its just her make up! Anyway love the look and love Alexa but the color!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Beyonce new face of H&M

Out of the blue without any warning I woke up today and discovered Beyonce was the new face of H&M and I was totes shocked and excited! But then I saw the one image from the campaign Beyonce lying on a beach being her glorious self, but really the only thing that excites me about this is Bey over than that...BORED! Ive fallen out of love with Beyonce and H&M recently, Bey used to be everything but then I heard her first bit of music from her new album and I was really disappointed and then the spark just went out slightly, a few weeks ago this would make me go cray like her pepsi campaign did be no just bored such a bad image also its so so so boring and hello like 8 years old!!! H&M is also something Im not loving any more, it used to be fab I used to actually shop there but now its like c'est tragic I go into a H&M and Im so bored there's nothing I like and I just want to get out and run to the nearest Topshop! For real if this was a topshop campaign we would be disgusted this is just lazy boring celebrity endorsement for a store I slightly hate and every summer they do the same thing and I just cant take it anymore! Beyonce better release a song thats actually good and H&M need a new fab designer collab quick or its over for good!

New Lady Dior Campaign

Marion Cotillard stars in the new lady Dior campaign! This is the first Lady Dior campaign under Rafs Dior and its clear the look is much simpler and very timeless and elegant. The two bags featured in the campaign are bright and fun, Im in love with the orange bag really bold and fabulous look. The bright fun bags are juxtaposed with a dark elegant edge that Marion is rocking, its very film noir and just oh so elegant and Marion is so chic and stunning in this campaign and so are the fab Raf dior looks she's wearing!

Best Dressed - Jessica Pare

I was totes upset when I discovered Diane Kruger had no events yesterday and sadly she couldn't be my best dressed for a third day in a row. Last night was Mad Mens season 6 premiere and Im so excited for new Mad Men season with more Megan Draper who is so fabulous, her performance of Zou Bisou Bisou says everything you need to know about Megan which is utterly fab! Jessica Pare the fabulous actress who plays her is just as chic and fab and is a growing it girl in the fashion world who has been to the Met Gala, Been featured in vogue as a 'It Girl',  has also made friendly with many fabulous designer such as jason wu and now she's been named a Totes Michael Best Dressed which is like such a honor! She went for a bright  feminine Prabel Gurung Pre fall dress and she looks very pretty and polished. Much more polished than any of her co stars, January Jones who is usually fab-fucking-tastic but for this premiere she didn't look the polished perfection she usually does wearing a very casual sport blue and white Jonathan Saunders dress and the hair was just a little tragic! Then there was Christina Hendrik who also just looked sloppy and not her voluptuous chic self! Jessica perfectly reflects her character on Mad Men and looks really pretty in this fresh bright Feminine dress.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Kate's Sushi Box

When Kate Moss is not shooting campaigns, walking in Louis Vuitton shows and attending numerous parties in outfits fresh off the catwalks she's designing sushi boxes? Kate is re portably a sushi fan and has collaborated with Sushi Shop for the Stores first London restaurant! The interesting box is decorated with colorful sequence in very sushi-esque colors and looks fab but sadly I wont be in a Sushi Shop anytime soon. Im suddenly really hunger for Sushi!

Kate Being Fab!

Im in heaven! Kate has gone from doing a public event once every 3 weeks to almost one everyday and Im starting to find it hard to keep up with her but I love it! Today I got a look at Kate's fabulous cute simple black maternity dress with a little baby bump, she looks so sweet! Today Kate was out and about with the  in laws, the Queen and Prince Philip. They were celebrating the 150th anniversary of the London Underground. Kate continued her fab regal tailored maternity look and wore a teal Malene Birger, black tight and pump combo she's been supporting in all her recent public events and a chic black hat! So regal so Kate. While she was doing her thing she was given a badge that said ' baby on board' she laughed and said that she would wear it at home, be polite and delightful as always. I hope there is more to come because I am loving seeing Kate everyday!