Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Kate Being Fab!

Been seeing lots of Kate lately which is always fun! She wore a fab Joseph coat to the cheltnam races with browns boots and hat it was classic royal autumn look....but its spring! Kate looked beautiful in a green Emilia Wickstead coat on st patricks day with adorable baby bump..... but omg she had a little shoe drama, it was such a tragedy she like got her shoe stuck in some grate and I was like shocked face she broke her regal perfection and appeared a little clumsy and cute and that little bit more down to earth. Finally Kate wears Topshop which is headline news, it was rumored a few weeks ago she was buying topshop maternity clothes and omg maybe she bought this coat, this is like so major which I know sounds ridiculous but its Kate so Im allowed to be a obsessive freak who knows every public detail of her life and the revelation that Kate had a starbucks card was really a big deal to me! Its like in mean girls "I saw Katy Heron wearing army pants and flip flops so I went out and bought army pants and flip flops" I would say something like " I read Kate Middleton ate a cookie so I went out and ate a cookie" (That is a true story I read a story she ate a cookie so i actually ate cookies for a week)

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