Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Disney's fashion spectacular!

Minne in Lanvin Mikey in vintage disney.
Disney are hosting a fashion show to celebrate 20 years of disneyland paris! Frowers to include It girl and Princess, Fiona oh wait I think thats dream works? Oh fuck it! disney are having a fashion show sister by sibling are doing a dress for Cinderella and Alber Elbaz is doing one for minnie the other designers bore me! Sorry I wasn't in the mood to be playful or fun which is strange because this is a post about disney?
Sister by Siblings cinderalla creation

Sister by sibling are the fabulous british brand and knit is there signature! This pretty fresh blue knit Cinderella dress is so cute and I love the "11.59" the last moments she was a princess before she was yet again a frog.....wait was she a frog? Omg its been to long since I've watched a disney film Im  not even sure about the story of Cinderella!


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