Monday, 11 March 2013

Girls Recap

Firstly to all my few readers I am really in love with Girls, its everything to me Im not going to describe in words the fucking love! I've just seen the latest episode moments ago and I have taken to the blogosphere because I have a lot of thoughts to share!


Oh Hannah,Hannah,Hannah,Hannah! What the fuck, I really don't know anymore. Firstly her decent into OCD madness in the last episode, the sex with a minor in the episode before that and before that the strange 1 day relationship with I think his name was Jake or something! But I think this is truly her rock bottom moment I just don't know anymore. I was on the floor slightly gagging when she sticked that  thing in her ear and omg that sound she made and ew ew what was with the bum? Hannah lying on the floor in that horrid oversized t shirt screaming in pain was truly Hannah's worst moment. I miss the Hannah that did cocaine and had sex with sexy black men, the Hannah that threw parties! What is wrong with her, she literally has no friends and you know its rock bottom when Adam is doing better than you....ADAM! (Although that shit with his "girl friend" was weird and I think it was slightly rape or just actually rape, the word rape being associated with Adam doesn't surprise me he is really creepy ) So Hannah with one more episode of season two left ,are you going to get your life in order/ and please never walk around in your t-shirt again to quote Adam "Put some fucking pants on" (Im paraphrasing he may not have said "fuck" )


Sweet,sweet guilt ridden Shoshanna, I think you are kind of my favorite girl at the moment even with that hair! I just smile and laugh with joy when I see Shoshanna she's so sweet....when she's not cheating on her boyfriend with random doorman! Really in this episode Shoshanna was just trying to make up for her little make out sess with the doorman so she was pampering Ray even letting him wear what looked like her onsie or snuggley thing, it was cute just like everything Shoshanna dose! I also see a little bit of myself in Shosh and every time she opens her mouth I smile and laugh and say "Oh shosh"
One last point on Shoshanna really stop watching weird hair tutorials on youtube you look utterly ridiculous!

The Artist formally known as "Marnie"

Marnie just like Hanna is going no where and needs to get her life in order, sure I love laughing at Marnie perform to a crowd of east village hipsters and getting the reaction you would expect Madonna to receive yes I went there Im sorry but Madonna please stop making albums! To be honest I thought she had a sweet voice it was just so tragic (far less tragic than anything Hannahs doing) but it had a fabulous out come, sex with charlie who is really so amazing it slightly makes me sad that he is doing so so SO well and Marnie is living with Shoshanna and Ray is helping her lay down tracks, she's unemployed and cant sing and she spends so much time at Charlie fabulous office and always looks so dopey! But really Charlie he's changed so much when Shosh says "You could have sex with any girl here including me" I second that statement just such a contrast from where he was, its clear Marnie was holding him back and I bet Marnies heart will be broken when she thinks sex with Charlie makes him her boyfriend I can see a sad rejection in the near future! Its sad I just want Marnie to be happy and to please stopping wearing those BORING Ann Taylor loft dresses please your in your 20s not 40s!

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