Monday, 11 March 2013

Ri and Ri!

Ok lets merge two of the coolest things together Rihanna and Givenchy's Ricardo Tisci and what do we get some major cool fabulous costumes for one exciting world tour I will be attending!
Ricardo Tisci who as is the most amazing coolest creative director at Givenchy and also was the man behind Madonnas Egyptianesque super bowl halftime costume. This time Ricardo was designer for the one and only Rihanna and Im sure this was a collaborative process which has resulted into some fab costumes ( I hate saying the word costume, years of watching project runway they have drilled into my brain that costume is such a faus pax thing and its annoying because these are fab but are yet costumes and every time I type the word costume I cringe slightly. TV ruins lives!)  The illustrations released to the world reveal a major dramatic black cape look, if Rihanna wore this it would the only time in her life she is not showing skin but without showing us Eihannas sexy body it still has such a seductive powerful look! Then there is a fabulous hooded coat with an interesting target on the back and the number 7 maybe that has something to do with her performance. Other than the strange back im in love with this decedent cool coat and I bet all the fab gold details are skillfully embroidered on by hand! Sadly this is a Rihanna concert so I will not be seeing these fab Tisci costumes for long as Im sure Rihanna will be spending 90% of the show in her underwear!

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