Monday, 11 March 2013


So before doing my blog I planned some daily post I would do every day, one of them was of course best dressed a fabulous outfit a celebrity was wearing,  but I reviewed the recent celebrity outfits from the weekend and it troubled me after looking back and forward I wasn't loving anything. So what was I to do blog about something I didn't think was good, so instead I have decided to rant about celebrities and being annoying bitches just as I tried to be nice to them! So what looks were there to choose from, firstly there was Emma Stone in Lanvin, it was black,white and boring and there was a little bad styling happening, she was wearing a floral statement necklace that clashed, I could get what she was trying to do or should I say what her stylist was trying to do but didn't work it was flat and just BLAH! Or maybe it was just the horrible blue step and repeat she was on. Then there was Blake Lively whom I worship but again I didn't love, she was wearing a cute maroon Marios Schwab dress but it also fell flat or maybe it was that hideous step and repeat she was on! Jessica Alba, Liv Taylor and Jessica Biel who were just being casual and out and about and I really couldn't care less what they were doing, just boring casual wear! But did love Liv's coat and those grungy boots works for simple and easy but not for a TotesMichael Best dressed status!

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