Friday, 22 March 2013

H&M New Off Duty Model Collection!

Omg before I start this post Im sick about talking about H&M this is like my third H&M post of the week, first there was the new formal wear collection then there was Beyonce and now there this new collection Like H&M just shut up! But as much as Im hating on H&M at the moment Im kinda of loving this casual off duty model collection which is totes Isabel Marant meets Givenchy meets a cool off duty model and Im loving!!! You now that cool off duty model look thats now infamous and is a look a lot of young girls want. The collection is inspired by four of the fashion worlds leading models Joan Smalls,Daphne Groneveld,Lindsey Wixson and Liu Wen! But really the collection seems to be inspired by recent Isabel Marant collections but Isabel is the choice of the off duty model! 

Here are some of the items from the collection; 

Best Dressed - Alexa Chung

Best dressed today is my fav british babe the gorgeous it girl Alexa Chung! She's kind of going for the look she always goes for and always rocks its kind of preppy school girl but less prep think Carey Mulligan in An Education but 2013 and a british It Girl! She's wearing a I don't know what color that is its like a faded old gold or a shiny beige its slightly hideous but what can I saw it works or maybe it just works because of Alexa's hair which is gorge bangs with messy curls so british,so Alexa, so fab! Alexa is such a babe she looks fab I love love love her hair and omg those legs skinner than french fries but her face looks really different here??? Is it the make up? has she had work done? has she gained weight in the face? is it the lighting? I don't now it just looks different usually when people look like this there pregnant for example two weeks before Lara Stone announced she was pregnant I guessed she was pregnant because her face looked weird at an event she was at! But then I thought Lana Del Rey was pregnant but it turns out she just got really fat! Oh wait I just got a closer look at her face its the same and its so skinny I think its just her make up! Anyway love the look and love Alexa but the color!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Beyonce new face of H&M

Out of the blue without any warning I woke up today and discovered Beyonce was the new face of H&M and I was totes shocked and excited! But then I saw the one image from the campaign Beyonce lying on a beach being her glorious self, but really the only thing that excites me about this is Bey over than that...BORED! Ive fallen out of love with Beyonce and H&M recently, Bey used to be everything but then I heard her first bit of music from her new album and I was really disappointed and then the spark just went out slightly, a few weeks ago this would make me go cray like her pepsi campaign did be no just bored such a bad image also its so so so boring and hello like 8 years old!!! H&M is also something Im not loving any more, it used to be fab I used to actually shop there but now its like c'est tragic I go into a H&M and Im so bored there's nothing I like and I just want to get out and run to the nearest Topshop! For real if this was a topshop campaign we would be disgusted this is just lazy boring celebrity endorsement for a store I slightly hate and every summer they do the same thing and I just cant take it anymore! Beyonce better release a song thats actually good and H&M need a new fab designer collab quick or its over for good!

New Lady Dior Campaign

Marion Cotillard stars in the new lady Dior campaign! This is the first Lady Dior campaign under Rafs Dior and its clear the look is much simpler and very timeless and elegant. The two bags featured in the campaign are bright and fun, Im in love with the orange bag really bold and fabulous look. The bright fun bags are juxtaposed with a dark elegant edge that Marion is rocking, its very film noir and just oh so elegant and Marion is so chic and stunning in this campaign and so are the fab Raf dior looks she's wearing!

Best Dressed - Jessica Pare

I was totes upset when I discovered Diane Kruger had no events yesterday and sadly she couldn't be my best dressed for a third day in a row. Last night was Mad Mens season 6 premiere and Im so excited for new Mad Men season with more Megan Draper who is so fabulous, her performance of Zou Bisou Bisou says everything you need to know about Megan which is utterly fab! Jessica Pare the fabulous actress who plays her is just as chic and fab and is a growing it girl in the fashion world who has been to the Met Gala, Been featured in vogue as a 'It Girl',  has also made friendly with many fabulous designer such as jason wu and now she's been named a Totes Michael Best Dressed which is like such a honor! She went for a bright  feminine Prabel Gurung Pre fall dress and she looks very pretty and polished. Much more polished than any of her co stars, January Jones who is usually fab-fucking-tastic but for this premiere she didn't look the polished perfection she usually does wearing a very casual sport blue and white Jonathan Saunders dress and the hair was just a little tragic! Then there was Christina Hendrik who also just looked sloppy and not her voluptuous chic self! Jessica perfectly reflects her character on Mad Men and looks really pretty in this fresh bright Feminine dress.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Kate's Sushi Box

When Kate Moss is not shooting campaigns, walking in Louis Vuitton shows and attending numerous parties in outfits fresh off the catwalks she's designing sushi boxes? Kate is re portably a sushi fan and has collaborated with Sushi Shop for the Stores first London restaurant! The interesting box is decorated with colorful sequence in very sushi-esque colors and looks fab but sadly I wont be in a Sushi Shop anytime soon. Im suddenly really hunger for Sushi!

Kate Being Fab!

Im in heaven! Kate has gone from doing a public event once every 3 weeks to almost one everyday and Im starting to find it hard to keep up with her but I love it! Today I got a look at Kate's fabulous cute simple black maternity dress with a little baby bump, she looks so sweet! Today Kate was out and about with the  in laws, the Queen and Prince Philip. They were celebrating the 150th anniversary of the London Underground. Kate continued her fab regal tailored maternity look and wore a teal Malene Birger, black tight and pump combo she's been supporting in all her recent public events and a chic black hat! So regal so Kate. While she was doing her thing she was given a badge that said ' baby on board' she laughed and said that she would wear it at home, be polite and delightful as always. I hope there is more to come because I am loving seeing Kate everyday!

Best dressed - Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger is yet again my best dressed for the day because she's just that fab! She went for a chic black very feminine dress right of the Thakoon fall runway for the premiere of her new film the Host. The look is very modern and fresh and I love this cool black dress worn with silver accessories it really relates to her sleek character in this film but with more chic femininity!  Its just yet again perfection and Im excited for more because this is a big film so there will probably be a new york and london premiere as well as many other international press outings, which will mean Diane Kruger will probably be best dressed everyday this week and Im excited to see the rest of her major Host press wardrobe!

Fresh off the fall 2013/14 collections!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

H&M New Formal Wear Collection!

Im in love with H&Ms new fab formal wear collection filled with glam dresses at majorly affordable prices, they mainly feature spring 2013 copycats such as Dior and Lanvin. I think that lots of low budget babes will love this collection.

Take a look at all these fab looks!

Runway Copycats, left lanvin, right dior.

Feminine Whites!

Kate Being Fab!

Been seeing lots of Kate lately which is always fun! She wore a fab Joseph coat to the cheltnam races with browns boots and hat it was classic royal autumn look....but its spring! Kate looked beautiful in a green Emilia Wickstead coat on st patricks day with adorable baby bump..... but omg she had a little shoe drama, it was such a tragedy she like got her shoe stuck in some grate and I was like shocked face she broke her regal perfection and appeared a little clumsy and cute and that little bit more down to earth. Finally Kate wears Topshop which is headline news, it was rumored a few weeks ago she was buying topshop maternity clothes and omg maybe she bought this coat, this is like so major which I know sounds ridiculous but its Kate so Im allowed to be a obsessive freak who knows every public detail of her life and the revelation that Kate had a starbucks card was really a big deal to me! Its like in mean girls "I saw Katy Heron wearing army pants and flip flops so I went out and bought army pants and flip flops" I would say something like " I read Kate Middleton ate a cookie so I went out and ate a cookie" (That is a true story I read a story she ate a cookie so i actually ate cookies for a week)

Coco Knightly

I miss her bangs :(
Karl Lagerfield will be hosting a short film to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first chanel store, which will be starring the babe that is Keria Knightley who will play the icon Coco Chanel. The short will be screened in Singapore during chanels cruise collection this may. Lagerfield will recreate Deauvilles original small seaside town charm through retro sets,based in paris. I expect this to be a stunning little masterpiece and im sure it will look beautiful espically with Keria Knightley! The last Lagerfield short Ive seen was around two years ago which was screened during the 2012 cruise collection in the Antibes, it was about a chic fairy who was played by Freja Beha Ericson, it was stunning but omg the dialogue and the content was quite cringe worthy but utterly chic! Hopefully a professional Oscar Nominated babe will make this short beautiful and have content that isn't so cringey!  

Keiras Best Chanel Moments!

Omg like looking through these pics almost had me in tears, chanel and Keria were meant to be! 

Best Dressed - Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger is the definition of Best Dressed, she is just always looking beyond fabulous and is the most stylish women in hollywood! I love that she always looks amazing and she works with her stylist on her looks she is just definition of chic,fabness etc etc she is amazing. (omg just had major thought, Diane Kruger on the cover of May vogue! She's got new movie...I think this could happen peeps watch this space!)
She is wearing a simple chic black Victoria Victoria dress and the whole look is very chic simple and a effective minimalist tailored chic red carpet moment!

Girls Season Finale Recap

I don't want it to be over! Just like that season 2 of the only thing I have anytime for on T.V (Other than fashion reality tv, eg Rachel Zoe...btw how amazing is Rachel Zoe just like BA-NA-NAS!) is over for another year! Omg Mondays will be dull without the excitement when It comes ten and its time for girls!
Ok enough with the sad somber shit and lets talk about won fab season finale filled with major soundtrack moments like it all of a sudden just turned into somthing like Notting Hill when that music came on but I do love a bit of fab cinematic drama!


Hannah is still a absolute mess! All she does is lie around that horribly depressing apartment which has such tragic lighting in that horrid grey T shirt which she is still wearing and im guessing she hasn't changed or washed in a week! Now she's being sued and for some reason she tore a page out of a Elle September issue and tired to cut her own hair like Carey Mulligans and omg when you think she just cant get any worse she does a fucked up DIY haircut with a little help from her junkie friend, the result of this haircut i'm feeling 14 year old poor fat kid from some sad little small town somewhere! I think Adam really said it when he was facetiming "What the fuck is wrong with you?" then Hannah did one of the funniest things ive seen in the season, some psycho OCD fit she was having while she was facetiming Adam just thinking about Hannah's face I burst out laughing! So Hannah's a sad depressing waste of space that needs to go to some hospital or needs to just fucking take of that grey T-Shirt! Im not sure if the rom-com final moment of the season with Adams romantic long topless run to Hannah was supposed to be a happy ending.....IT WAS NOT! Hannahs really fucked up and now Adams back so she's supa fucked up now! I think we should get rid of her!


So excited and happy that Marnie and Charlie are finally together again but I dont enjoy seeing him lick her out while she wears a cute Jonathan Saunders dress! But Charlie is so perfecto for Marnie, hes adorable, rich and cool and they just go together seeing them finally get together again just felt right! I loved the cute relaxed casual outfit Marnie was supporting in this episode, a cute simple sweater in what must be her fav color because its the same color as the dress she wore for her fantastically dreadful musical performance! It made her bright and fab and also the restaurant in that cool shed they were at looked cool when ever im in Brooklyn anytime soon I think maybe I will get lunch there! Also Hannah and Marnie sadly grow apart due to Hannahs one line statement which was obvi about the lovely Marnie I didn't really read it all but I think it was offensive and Hannah continues to shatter there friendship!


Shoshanna finally dumped Ray who was no good, she also is not wearing a ridiculous hair style just a simple cute braid! Im sure shes a little sad but every things good for her and Im really excited for a single Shos in season 3, I can picture her with a cute young boy! Plus I really want to see her Croissant clutch!

Bow Down!

Im back from my blogging rest I had a fab 3 day relaxing weekend and Im back to my daily blogging routine and what's a better way to start a new week than talking about Queen Bey! Im die hard cray Bey fan she is like my spirt creature and all that crap and omg there's only so much times you can listen to 'End Of Time' or 'Halo' I need new material and last summer it was announced she was doing superbowl halftime show, after a few minutes of loud high pitched screaming in Bey excitement I realized Omg new album which was followed by more screaming. Now months later, Beyonce has killed it at the superbowl and finally after months of waiting and reading gossip blogs and doing everything I could to get deets on this new album she finally gave us her first song!!! Bow Down/I Been On (listening to as Im typing) is something new and exciting and im not going to lie a little bit of a aggressive listen, but the part in the middle with the cool techno things and the operatic voice is fab and I can just see Bey in the music video wearing something major from McQueens latest collection (Pics below). Its got a epic powerful image and I can just see Bey in something regal and cool  (McQueen!!!) but omg its just a little 'eugh!' in the second part like were not listening to Queen Bey were listening to King Bey like whats with all the wrapping and low low LOW voice plus who is Willy D? Its new its a creative step forward for Beyonce.....but like its not the best thing ever which I wanted it to be! Plus I didn't get tickets for her world tour so can we please just take a moment to like mourn for me like I wanna see Beyonce be Beyonce but I cant!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Best Dressed - Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana wore a cute refreshing Carven spring 2013 dress and fabulous Jimmy Choo's which I adore to attend the annual 25 most powerful stylist luncheon! The look is very L.A I don't know why its just the look I get from it. The pretty natural lighting does Zoe wonders and she's so beautiful and fab this white dress with not a bold print works perfectly with her skin and I just love the cool bright freshness it has.....and THE SHOES!
Zoe rocks the look even though shes way shorter than the model it looks good on her love and omg those shoes!

CFDA Award Nominees!

Last night the CFDA award nominations were announced!
And the nominees are.....

International Award: Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci

Media Award: Tim Blanks

Founders Award: Oscar de la Renta

Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award: Vera Wang

Board of Directors’ Tribute Award: Costume designer Colleen Atwood

Swarovski Award for Accessory Design
Irene Neuwirth
Jennifer Meyer
Pamela Love -My pick!

Swarovski Award for Menswear
Tim Coppens
Todd Snyder - My pick!
Public School’s Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne

Swarovski Awards for Womenswear
Suno’s Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis
Creatures of the Wind’s Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters - My pick!
Cushnie et Ochs’ Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs

Accessory Designer of the Year
Alexander Wang
Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez - My pick!
Phillip Lim

Menswear Designer of the Year
Michael Bastian
Thom Browne - My pick!
Duckie Brown’s Steven Cox and Daniel Silver

Womenswear Designer of the Year
Marc Jacobs - My pick!
Alexander Wang - My pick!
Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez - My pick!
(Its to hard to choose Marc, Alex and Proenza Schouler all so good!!!)

Overall I think the nominees are fabulous the biggest category equivalent to the best picture oscar, womenswear designer of the year, is the hardest category to call and cant wait to see who wins!....The Row won last year. I love the international designer award going to Tisci (should have gone to Raf?) and Veras lifetime achievement!

Michelle Obama Covers Vogue

Michelle Obamas vogue cover is finally here! She is wearing a clean very Michelle Reed Krakoff shift dress on the cover, she's wearing a Michael Kor's black gown in another photo. Im very happy to see President Obama make an appearance in the cover shoot. I have not yet read the cover story I will wait until my glossy issue arrives in the mail because im such a traditionalist, overall I love this cover, the clean Reed Dress, glam Michael Kor's,Mr Obama and Michelle's bangs all make for a fab issue of vogue. Though i'm sad because the April issue of vogue as been for as long as I read it the annual Shape issue featuring fabulous bootylicious babes like Rihanna,Jilo and Beyonce!

Michelle is now a two time vogue cover girl and two term first lady!

Take my picture

Ulyana Sergeenko in Dior haute couture at paris fashion week TommyTon

Take my picture the insightful short fashion film into the mad world of street style and the monster It has become! Tim Blanks,Suzi Lui and Tommy Ton are some of the people telling us there thoughts on this mad phenomenon. While I was watching this video all I could think about was this september when I go to London with my small but mighty Canon EOS 1100D camera to attend the shows and do a little street style photography. I always knew it would be mad and hectic and crazy but watching this film is making me nervous I will just be a little amateur amongst the masses of crazy street style photogs and a few paps, Im expecting my street style pics to be  blurry and dreadful looking. I will also be attending the shows, so will I dress up like a mad hatter for the street style photogs...NO! What irritates me are the attention seekers, wearing a tutu and holding a red balloon, wandering around lincoln center is not fashion on any level and seeing this in this film mad me slightly ill! Thats not to say I don't love Anna Dello Russo or other of the slightly eccentric street style favs, they are much more fabulous and they look amazing for example the pic of Ulyana Sergeenko in a Dior couture dress she has probably bought for a few hundred thousand pounds just makes me drool sweet fashion saliva!  But this mass crazy street style culture is something I adore and yes there are those ridiculous attention seeking idiots that enrage me, but simply looking through Tommy Tons street style pics just define what fashion is at the moment and as I've said they make me drool sweet fashion saliva!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Best Dressed - Kristen Dunst


Best dressed today is Kristen Dunst in a refreshing cool chic Proenza Schouler black dress with cute cool shoes which I think are shouler and a fab clutch  in black and white. I love the hair its a classic fab look and goes great with the fab black dress! Her lip pops but doesn't shout in a smoldering red which is sexy and works with the black look! The moment I saw this dress I knew it was proenza because I thought I saw it on the fall runways but actually its the dress I saw on the runway in a much simpler refined very chic black! Hopefully Kristen will take the more daring approach next time and just wear ordinary black even though she does look super chic...

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Gatsby gets even better!

The Great Gatsby is the most fabulous exciting major film of the year, its the Gatsby of films! Im crazy excited for this film plus for the stunning costumes designed by Miuccia Prada but now im even more excited, because Gatsby will be opening the cannes film festival in two months to come. Cannes is the height of glamour, its the chic sunny stunning surroundings that is the south of france. The word Cannes just evokes so much images, Jessica Chastains explosion onto the world stage, Keria Knightlys valentino couture moment, all of Diane Kurgers outings in cannes last year! Its just that sharply major red carpet, the light airy sunny press conferences all the glamourous parties including the amfar event which is attended by everyone and there all dressed in chanel! Now the most glam extravagant film ever will open there meaning one of my favorite actresses Carey Mulligan will be hitting the red carpet and omg I can only image all the stunning things she will be wearing and I expect most of it to be Miucca as thats all she really wears to the red carpet! Im excited that the glamour of cannes will intertwine with the glamour of Gatsby and Im now getting very excited for this week of chic red carpet fashions!

Disney's fashion spectacular!

Minne in Lanvin Mikey in vintage disney.
Disney are hosting a fashion show to celebrate 20 years of disneyland paris! Frowers to include It girl and Princess, Fiona oh wait I think thats dream works? Oh fuck it! disney are having a fashion show sister by sibling are doing a dress for Cinderella and Alber Elbaz is doing one for minnie the other designers bore me! Sorry I wasn't in the mood to be playful or fun which is strange because this is a post about disney?
Sister by Siblings cinderalla creation

Sister by sibling are the fabulous british brand and knit is there signature! This pretty fresh blue knit Cinderella dress is so cute and I love the "11.59" the last moments she was a princess before she was yet again a frog.....wait was she a frog? Omg its been to long since I've watched a disney film Im  not even sure about the story of Cinderella!


Best Dressed - Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde who Im in love with every since a boring Saturday when I decided to watch the film Butter on netflix, she was the fabulous beyond belief stripper/prostitute and omg she was so fab! Olivia's stunning face and major body makes her best dressed in anything, but she was absolutely killing it in this glam to the max Gucci Pre-Fall gown! Its simple yet it personifies a glamour and chicness. But yet again these horrible red carpets are ruining these photo's for example if she wore this gown on a amfar red carpet which is a simple white step and repeat she would look so much better! I think its in the best interest to any celebrity stylist to get the deets about the red carpet before styling the look.

Who wore it better, Air brushed skinny bitch one or untouched skinny bitch two???

Monday, 11 March 2013

Girls Recap

Firstly to all my few readers I am really in love with Girls, its everything to me Im not going to describe in words the fucking love! I've just seen the latest episode moments ago and I have taken to the blogosphere because I have a lot of thoughts to share!


Oh Hannah,Hannah,Hannah,Hannah! What the fuck, I really don't know anymore. Firstly her decent into OCD madness in the last episode, the sex with a minor in the episode before that and before that the strange 1 day relationship with I think his name was Jake or something! But I think this is truly her rock bottom moment I just don't know anymore. I was on the floor slightly gagging when she sticked that  thing in her ear and omg that sound she made and ew ew what was with the bum? Hannah lying on the floor in that horrid oversized t shirt screaming in pain was truly Hannah's worst moment. I miss the Hannah that did cocaine and had sex with sexy black men, the Hannah that threw parties! What is wrong with her, she literally has no friends and you know its rock bottom when Adam is doing better than you....ADAM! (Although that shit with his "girl friend" was weird and I think it was slightly rape or just actually rape, the word rape being associated with Adam doesn't surprise me he is really creepy ) So Hannah with one more episode of season two left ,are you going to get your life in order/ and please never walk around in your t-shirt again to quote Adam "Put some fucking pants on" (Im paraphrasing he may not have said "fuck" )


Sweet,sweet guilt ridden Shoshanna, I think you are kind of my favorite girl at the moment even with that hair! I just smile and laugh with joy when I see Shoshanna she's so sweet....when she's not cheating on her boyfriend with random doorman! Really in this episode Shoshanna was just trying to make up for her little make out sess with the doorman so she was pampering Ray even letting him wear what looked like her onsie or snuggley thing, it was cute just like everything Shoshanna dose! I also see a little bit of myself in Shosh and every time she opens her mouth I smile and laugh and say "Oh shosh"
One last point on Shoshanna really stop watching weird hair tutorials on youtube you look utterly ridiculous!

The Artist formally known as "Marnie"

Marnie just like Hanna is going no where and needs to get her life in order, sure I love laughing at Marnie perform to a crowd of east village hipsters and getting the reaction you would expect Madonna to receive yes I went there Im sorry but Madonna please stop making albums! To be honest I thought she had a sweet voice it was just so tragic (far less tragic than anything Hannahs doing) but it had a fabulous out come, sex with charlie who is really so amazing it slightly makes me sad that he is doing so so SO well and Marnie is living with Shoshanna and Ray is helping her lay down tracks, she's unemployed and cant sing and she spends so much time at Charlie fabulous office and always looks so dopey! But really Charlie he's changed so much when Shosh says "You could have sex with any girl here including me" I second that statement just such a contrast from where he was, its clear Marnie was holding him back and I bet Marnies heart will be broken when she thinks sex with Charlie makes him her boyfriend I can see a sad rejection in the near future! Its sad I just want Marnie to be happy and to please stopping wearing those BORING Ann Taylor loft dresses please your in your 20s not 40s!