Thursday, 21 March 2013

Beyonce new face of H&M

Out of the blue without any warning I woke up today and discovered Beyonce was the new face of H&M and I was totes shocked and excited! But then I saw the one image from the campaign Beyonce lying on a beach being her glorious self, but really the only thing that excites me about this is Bey over than that...BORED! Ive fallen out of love with Beyonce and H&M recently, Bey used to be everything but then I heard her first bit of music from her new album and I was really disappointed and then the spark just went out slightly, a few weeks ago this would make me go cray like her pepsi campaign did be no just bored such a bad image also its so so so boring and hello like 8 years old!!! H&M is also something Im not loving any more, it used to be fab I used to actually shop there but now its like c'est tragic I go into a H&M and Im so bored there's nothing I like and I just want to get out and run to the nearest Topshop! For real if this was a topshop campaign we would be disgusted this is just lazy boring celebrity endorsement for a store I slightly hate and every summer they do the same thing and I just cant take it anymore! Beyonce better release a song thats actually good and H&M need a new fab designer collab quick or its over for good!

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