Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Coco Knightly

I miss her bangs :(
Karl Lagerfield will be hosting a short film to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first chanel store, which will be starring the babe that is Keria Knightley who will play the icon Coco Chanel. The short will be screened in Singapore during chanels cruise collection this may. Lagerfield will recreate Deauvilles original small seaside town charm through retro sets,based in paris. I expect this to be a stunning little masterpiece and im sure it will look beautiful espically with Keria Knightley! The last Lagerfield short Ive seen was around two years ago which was screened during the 2012 cruise collection in the Antibes, it was about a chic fairy who was played by Freja Beha Ericson, it was stunning but omg the dialogue and the content was quite cringe worthy but utterly chic! Hopefully a professional Oscar Nominated babe will make this short beautiful and have content that isn't so cringey!  

Keiras Best Chanel Moments!

Omg like looking through these pics almost had me in tears, chanel and Keria were meant to be! 

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