Saturday, 9 March 2013


Louis vuitton fall 2013
(pointless and irrelevant to the content in this post but please looks fab!)

Hello Im Michael a slave to fashion who is young,stupid and ambitious with illusions of grander. I've decided to yet again conform with the masses and start blogging again! Blogging is fun and it will let me express my opinions on fashion in more than just the tweet word limit! Fashion season has just ended and I'm excited to see what happens in the coming months in fashion hopefully more major fun fashion gossip and another media circus following something, 2012 was hedi and raf and 2011 was galliano. Maybe 2013 will be another media crazed year for Galliano as his come back may be imminent! More things I'm looking forward to his Kane and how he grows after his investment, very excited to see what happens with wang at balenciaga and at his home label, excited for of course the much anticipated Punk exhibit at the Met and the fabulous gala that opens it ( met gala is my favorite thing eva please oscars can go fuck yourself i live for the met gala!) then there's going to be dior and chanel doing international cruise shows, chanel in Singapore and dior in monaco! For the past few months I've been planning for something very exciting, I will be attending fashion week for the first time this september, Im going to london for 6 days (5 for shows and one so Im really excited for the fuck up I will make of that, i'll probably get arrested trying to crash a show i wasn't invited to or I'll probably lose my luggage or trip over anna wintour! But thats what im most looking forward to LONDON! In less fashion terms I'm really excited for the next season of mad men, the great gatsby, what ever lena dunham is doing and going to summer in rome. So all of that should give you an idea of my character, stay tuned fab things are going to be happening peeps!

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