Friday, 22 March 2013

Best Dressed - Alexa Chung

Best dressed today is my fav british babe the gorgeous it girl Alexa Chung! She's kind of going for the look she always goes for and always rocks its kind of preppy school girl but less prep think Carey Mulligan in An Education but 2013 and a british It Girl! She's wearing a I don't know what color that is its like a faded old gold or a shiny beige its slightly hideous but what can I saw it works or maybe it just works because of Alexa's hair which is gorge bangs with messy curls so british,so Alexa, so fab! Alexa is such a babe she looks fab I love love love her hair and omg those legs skinner than french fries but her face looks really different here??? Is it the make up? has she had work done? has she gained weight in the face? is it the lighting? I don't now it just looks different usually when people look like this there pregnant for example two weeks before Lara Stone announced she was pregnant I guessed she was pregnant because her face looked weird at an event she was at! But then I thought Lana Del Rey was pregnant but it turns out she just got really fat! Oh wait I just got a closer look at her face its the same and its so skinny I think its just her make up! Anyway love the look and love Alexa but the color!

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