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Totes Michael's Top 10 - Fall 2013

Fashion season is finally over, its been a month filled with collections and I had a lot of favorites but I decided I must make a top 10 so i looked over the collections and made this list. It kills me that I had to leave of collections but people love a top 10 so this is mine!

(In no particular order!)

Louis Vuitton

Every season Louis Vuitton shows a collection that is beyond all are wildest expectations and they do it in a show filled with entertaining theatrics which always makes for the atmosphere of the season. Marc took us to the boudoir this season it was a sensual cinematic collection filled with a range of divine textures and a real image of a women, fading beauty was something that came to mind in this collection or maybe that was just Kate Moss! Speaking of Kate any time she makes an appearance on the catwalk is just fabulous especially in that chic sheer dress. Highlights from the show were the fabulous slightly over sized coats and jackets with the pj plaid and that little sprinkle of glamourous sequence, also died for what Im calling hooker furs and of course the sheer dresses with the fabulous embroidery! The whole idea of lounging and sleep wear is really exciting me at the moment, Marc says there's nothing more chic than a women getting all dressed up and staying in! I think we are yet again in for a season of Vuitton, going to be in all the editorials, will be worn by the celebs and there are a lot of vuitton stores when i was in paris  there was one on almost every street corner so really we cant escape it......and why would you want to it is so so so totes fabulous!!!


Prada  always is a top show of the season for me, in my eyes Miuccia can do no wrong! This season I was in love with this chic mysterious women who was very hitchcock and there was just something about the girl that was sex and mystery. The whole 40s, 50s look is a favorite of mine and I love how prada dose it. There was a disheveled grunginess to the look of the girls like they just threw the look on killed someone and then walked home in the rain, this cinematic story prada allowed me to create is something that i really loved about it! Fashion needs a story it needs that sense of fantasy and cinematic drama and prada really showed me that this season. Fabrics were incredible the furs the majorly tailored sharp cool tweeds, gold lames, sequence sheer, FUR! One word for the shoes....KILLER!  Prada how can you not love, the whole cinematic atmosphere of the show and the major individual pieces that are going to be every where!


Why is chanel in my top 10 collections of the season? BECAUSE ITS.....CHANEL!
To quote Forrest Gump "Thats all I have to say about that"

Proenza Schouler 

Moments after witnessing the Proenza Schouler collection I said to myself, best show of new york! Taking that into context the Proenza Schouler show was on the second last day of new york so I really had seen almost everything and to make such a sweeping statement I was in love with this collection and I had confidence in this collection. Proenza Schouler are undoubtable one of the coolest brands in the world and they just have the look that is today and a little bit of the look that is the future. Its just cool,innovative,stylish and so modern and happening and just everything is right! This season it was a very clean collection with a simple white and black look which for once didn't bore me for once the classic monochrome look was cool and fresh because the boys really have never done it! The highlights for me were the sharp lazier cut jackets which were just making me scream the word cool, tweed such a classic thing but omg they made it the freshest and coolest but yet still chic, everything lazier cut always, the flat shoes which I want to see everywhere, the "omg" chain dress, soft femininity was personified in the final two looks one in white and one in black the perfection end to a perfection collection!


For Rafs second pret a porter outing at dior he loosed the sharp tailoring and went for a very pure chic feminine look that was very nostalgic of vintage elegance. The whole setting for the dior show was very interesting they constructed from scratch a grand showspace. The first thought I had when I saw the set was Pan-Am and the 50s I think it was due to the cloudy blue sky floor and the very aerodynamic large reflective silver balls! That wasn't exactly the look for the show, I think the blue cloudy sky was more related to the airy lightness to the looks and the silver balls had a modern retro look, you know something from the 50s which was incredible modern. Then there was a soundtrack, very strange it was an audio of a women's diary who took her dog to the vet? I wasn't sure what was happening there but it create an atmosphere. The clothes were light airy and had touches of Rafs chic tailoring in the coats and fabulous pants. Highlights were the stunning dresses which were so beautiful and had a divine movement, nostalgic embroideries, Rafs tailoring and the knits which is something fresh and new for dior! In a sentence the collection was, chic nostalgic femininity.

Alexander Wang 

Wangs on everyones lips at the moment, the 29 year old american designer who has been given the creative director role at major paris house balenciaga. With this new aesthetic for him we were bound to see some changes back at his own brand and I think we did! The sheer size of wangs show is impressive but the clothes and really cool accessories are even more impressive. The epic wang show started with the song eye of the tiger and the first few models walked out wearing fur boxing gloves, this girl was fierce cool and was ready to take on anything especially a blizzard in the majorly comfortable looking coats! The inspiration for wangs show was Hair so we were treated to a range of exciting fabulous textures and fabric manipulation. Overall all that hair made for a really comfortable edgy cool look which was really perfecto for the moment seeing that as the show was going on there was a blizzard outside! There was an interesting touch of the 20s in the collection which we seen in the dropped waist, 20s is new and different for wang but I love the range of references he is begging to show us and I think this may be due to his trips to paris for the house of balenciaga. I also saw a little balenciaga in the caped cocoon  backs which was very vintage balenciaga. Finally the tailored satin suits were fabulously elegant and new for wang the touch of sleek cool elegance I think is an aspect of his new aesthetic! Highlights the accessories,hair/fur and the satin suits!

Christopher Kane

It was clear to see that kane stepped it up this season and it was clear why. PPR's investment in christopher seems to be making an impact and Im seeing him going only up from here! This fierce strong collection had a perfect mix of a little  bit of everything, military,femininity, masculinity, glamour, and romance all creating a strong fabulous look! The collection started with lots of major camouflage looks in blues and dark reds the look was major it had impact and it was fierce. Then we transitioned into feminine romantic velvet dresses with medieval romanic silhouettes, perfect glamourous party dresses which were really chic. Then more femininity but it was dark femininity there were stunning floral details i think in a light tulle organza fabric on sheer dresses and simple sweaters, so major! Finally we were treated to glamorous shimmering dresses with flowing feathers and a colorful mix of glam gems embellished on to sexy cute dresses. The collection was a polished major show which took Kane to a darker more sultry look that had such a mix of femininity and masculinity in an exciting new way.


The Burberry show is always big highlight to london and to the season. I love the whole atmosphere of the show, the a list front row this season it was it girl Rita Ora, Indian babe Frida Pinto, american beut Kate Bekensale and downton star Michelle Dockerty to name but a few. Then there is the scale of it, the large show space filled with hundreds of people all looking stunning and burberry really lets us seem them due to the stunning light airy lighting. The music always something fabulous at the burberry show and this season they took it to another level giving us a live performance from the next big thing Tom Odell along with a trenched choir and also I love it was a surprise and when the doors opened it was so much more exciting!  Finally the important thing I love about the burberry show, the clothes! This season they took a soft core simple look with stylish heart and stripe motifs, the look of the girl was style, beauty and london! The beauty in this show was near perfection to me, the soft core fresh faced look  was beautiful and the hair was simple and effectively stunning. The whole look was a little simpler but the essence of the girl was so strong its hard to put into words, the simplicity was so fresh and this was a real girl dressed to impress and I know people would critique it for being to commercial but I don't care I love!!!


Valentino was so feminine and beautiful. The show was filled with youthful,pretty, girly looks that had a chic clean precision and also a romantic flourish. The color palette for this show I loved there were really stunning tones of blue with white,  blue and pink,  chic black and whites and beautiful arty feminine prints. Valentino had fab ready wear looks simple dresses,coats,pants,skirts etc but really in a valentino collection Im in a daze over the gowns! This season they were very romantic and all were very sexy because they didn't show any skin the dress were floor length, the sleeves were long and the neckline didn't reveal any cleavage but just chic collars! It was a fairy tale there was a princess and she was innocent and pure, waiting for her knight in shining armor such a romantic image makes me smile. Fairy tales and fantasy make fashion so much fun and so dose a collection filled with the most beautiful things.

Marc Jacobs

Ok Marc Jacobs is everything, this season he closed new york in such a powerful polarizing way! The atmosphere pre show you enter and its a huge space and you see just one thing a enormous bright sun which creates a real life instagram filter already your are blown away and you have seen nothing yet other than a wide vast circle and a blinding sun! Boom Marc starts the lighting is dark the models all walk around really fast you just see the outline of the girls and are in a Marc trance due to the ominous music and bright unexplained sun the whole atmosphere is wonder. Then the show really begins and you see fabulous shimmering metallic pjs, tailored coats and jackets, topless model, rock n roll furs, luxe fabrics, shimmering metallic dresses and sequence,sequence,sequence and yes sequence! The show ends and then the models arise in the circle formation! BOOM MARC JACOBS! The collection was so spectacular, Marc simply cant not be spectacular the whole getting dressed up and staying in look was Marcs Mantra for the season and so now its my mantra so please excuse me while I got put on a sequence gown go get my best mink do up my hair put on a little No 5 then jump into bed and watch some mad men on netflix :)

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