Monday, 11 March 2013

My fascination with Cara!

I remember the first time I saw Cara, it ways a time when I didn't know her name I believe I referred to her as the blonde babe who closed the burberry show. She was wearing a velvet quilted coat in a dark maroon tone it closed a fabulous fall burberry collection and from that point I was slightly obsessed with this girl I even had her as my iphone background! You don't forget a face like Cara's, so my fascination began early on before she was on every catwalk and in every tabloid magazine. One year on from that first encounter Cara is now consuming my life, she walked in over 40 looks this season in just about every major show. In the beginning it was exciting seeing someone everywhere but by paris the novelty had worn of and really Edie Campbell was and is everything! But my fascination with Cara is still present, she is a total phenomenon plus she crossed over from the world of fashion into the world of celebrity for example if I said to my friend Eimear, "Do you know who Edie Campbell is?" she would say "Who?" If i asked her "Do you know Joan Smalls?" she would say "who?" even if I asked her "Do you know Karlie Kloss (Most super super model of the moment!) is?" she would say "who?". But if i asked her " do you know who Cara Delevinge is?"
She would say "Yes, I love her she is such a minx!"
Her introduction into the world of main stream celebrity began with a story that Harry went home with her from this night club so the name Cara was all over the place for a minute! Then of course her beastie is It girl and major singer Rita Ora so they have been photographed a lot together and mentioned in the press. Her celebrity may be big but its not as big as her major explosion onto the fashion scene, face of Chanel, Burberry and Dkny all in the last 6 months and omg she will be the face of everything next season, she's been on the cover of british vogue and as landed an elite position of being a american vogue editorial model which is major and a big deal, also she is on every catwalk from DKNY  to Chanel! She's everywhere she's fun she's exciting and I really am very fascinated with her and will be for some time to come.

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