Thursday, 14 March 2013

Take my picture

Ulyana Sergeenko in Dior haute couture at paris fashion week TommyTon

Take my picture the insightful short fashion film into the mad world of street style and the monster It has become! Tim Blanks,Suzi Lui and Tommy Ton are some of the people telling us there thoughts on this mad phenomenon. While I was watching this video all I could think about was this september when I go to London with my small but mighty Canon EOS 1100D camera to attend the shows and do a little street style photography. I always knew it would be mad and hectic and crazy but watching this film is making me nervous I will just be a little amateur amongst the masses of crazy street style photogs and a few paps, Im expecting my street style pics to be  blurry and dreadful looking. I will also be attending the shows, so will I dress up like a mad hatter for the street style photogs...NO! What irritates me are the attention seekers, wearing a tutu and holding a red balloon, wandering around lincoln center is not fashion on any level and seeing this in this film mad me slightly ill! Thats not to say I don't love Anna Dello Russo or other of the slightly eccentric street style favs, they are much more fabulous and they look amazing for example the pic of Ulyana Sergeenko in a Dior couture dress she has probably bought for a few hundred thousand pounds just makes me drool sweet fashion saliva!  But this mass crazy street style culture is something I adore and yes there are those ridiculous attention seeking idiots that enrage me, but simply looking through Tommy Tons street style pics just define what fashion is at the moment and as I've said they make me drool sweet fashion saliva!

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