Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Girls Season Finale Recap

I don't want it to be over! Just like that season 2 of the only thing I have anytime for on T.V (Other than fashion reality tv, eg Rachel Zoe...btw how amazing is Rachel Zoe just like BA-NA-NAS!) is over for another year! Omg Mondays will be dull without the excitement when It comes ten and its time for girls!
Ok enough with the sad somber shit and lets talk about won fab season finale filled with major soundtrack moments like it all of a sudden just turned into somthing like Notting Hill when that music came on but I do love a bit of fab cinematic drama!


Hannah is still a absolute mess! All she does is lie around that horribly depressing apartment which has such tragic lighting in that horrid grey T shirt which she is still wearing and im guessing she hasn't changed or washed in a week! Now she's being sued and for some reason she tore a page out of a Elle September issue and tired to cut her own hair like Carey Mulligans and omg when you think she just cant get any worse she does a fucked up DIY haircut with a little help from her junkie friend, the result of this haircut i'm feeling 14 year old poor fat kid from some sad little small town somewhere! I think Adam really said it when he was facetiming "What the fuck is wrong with you?" then Hannah did one of the funniest things ive seen in the season, some psycho OCD fit she was having while she was facetiming Adam just thinking about Hannah's face I burst out laughing! So Hannah's a sad depressing waste of space that needs to go to some hospital or needs to just fucking take of that grey T-Shirt! Im not sure if the rom-com final moment of the season with Adams romantic long topless run to Hannah was supposed to be a happy ending.....IT WAS NOT! Hannahs really fucked up and now Adams back so she's supa fucked up now! I think we should get rid of her!


So excited and happy that Marnie and Charlie are finally together again but I dont enjoy seeing him lick her out while she wears a cute Jonathan Saunders dress! But Charlie is so perfecto for Marnie, hes adorable, rich and cool and they just go together seeing them finally get together again just felt right! I loved the cute relaxed casual outfit Marnie was supporting in this episode, a cute simple sweater in what must be her fav color because its the same color as the dress she wore for her fantastically dreadful musical performance! It made her bright and fab and also the restaurant in that cool shed they were at looked cool when ever im in Brooklyn anytime soon I think maybe I will get lunch there! Also Hannah and Marnie sadly grow apart due to Hannahs one line statement which was obvi about the lovely Marnie I didn't really read it all but I think it was offensive and Hannah continues to shatter there friendship!


Shoshanna finally dumped Ray who was no good, she also is not wearing a ridiculous hair style just a simple cute braid! Im sure shes a little sad but every things good for her and Im really excited for a single Shos in season 3, I can picture her with a cute young boy! Plus I really want to see her Croissant clutch!

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