Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bow Down!

Im back from my blogging rest I had a fab 3 day relaxing weekend and Im back to my daily blogging routine and what's a better way to start a new week than talking about Queen Bey! Im die hard cray Bey fan she is like my spirt creature and all that crap and omg there's only so much times you can listen to 'End Of Time' or 'Halo' I need new material and last summer it was announced she was doing superbowl halftime show, after a few minutes of loud high pitched screaming in Bey excitement I realized Omg new album which was followed by more screaming. Now months later, Beyonce has killed it at the superbowl and finally after months of waiting and reading gossip blogs and doing everything I could to get deets on this new album she finally gave us her first song!!! Bow Down/I Been On (listening to as Im typing) is something new and exciting and im not going to lie a little bit of a aggressive listen, but the part in the middle with the cool techno things and the operatic voice is fab and I can just see Bey in the music video wearing something major from McQueens latest collection (Pics below). Its got a epic powerful image and I can just see Bey in something regal and cool  (McQueen!!!) but omg its just a little 'eugh!' in the second part like were not listening to Queen Bey were listening to King Bey like whats with all the wrapping and low low LOW voice plus who is Willy D? Its new its a creative step forward for Beyonce.....but like its not the best thing ever which I wanted it to be! Plus I didn't get tickets for her world tour so can we please just take a moment to like mourn for me like I wanna see Beyonce be Beyonce but I cant!

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