Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Kate Being Fab!

Im in heaven! Kate has gone from doing a public event once every 3 weeks to almost one everyday and Im starting to find it hard to keep up with her but I love it! Today I got a look at Kate's fabulous cute simple black maternity dress with a little baby bump, she looks so sweet! Today Kate was out and about with the  in laws, the Queen and Prince Philip. They were celebrating the 150th anniversary of the London Underground. Kate continued her fab regal tailored maternity look and wore a teal Malene Birger, black tight and pump combo she's been supporting in all her recent public events and a chic black hat! So regal so Kate. While she was doing her thing she was given a badge that said ' baby on board' she laughed and said that she would wear it at home, be polite and delightful as always. I hope there is more to come because I am loving seeing Kate everyday!

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