Saturday, 9 March 2013

Props to British Vogue

Im completely in love with Alexndra Shulman at the moment because all of the 2013 issues of british vogue featured models on there covers! Celebs, I love them but do i love them on my magazine covers? Sure they sell easily and they look stunning but when a models on the cover it just feels like the magazine is more about the fashion rather than the celebrity culture! This is why im giving props to british vogue featuring Kate Upton, Kati Nescher, Cara Delevinge and Edie Campbell on there  covers! Anna wintour pioneered the celebrity cover and I love her for that but yet I see celebrities every where, and when a models on the cover its a big deal for them they have covered vogue its a life achievement thing, and british vogue are fab for letting models cover but really american vogue has to give Karlie Kloss a cover this year or i wont be at all happy! Once again props and Alex and props british vogue!

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